Is Transitioning Going Against God or Whatever?

I’ve met a number of transgender people who fear that they are going against God by transitioning. The fear that God made them one gender, so who are they to go against that? Like if they accepted that they’re trans, then they’d be saying that God made a mistake.

Except that literally no major religion says anything of the sort. In fact, early Judaism recognized 6 genders. In Hinduism (before Britain colonized India and shat all over LGBT people), hijra (third gender) were considered closer to the gods (especially Ardhanarishvara – roughly, “the Lord whose half is a woman” – a man-woman hybrid aspect of  the god Shiva and goddess Parvati).

And that’s not unique to them. Ancient Greece all the way back to Babylon saw trans people as closer to the gods. The Babylonian goddex Ishtar was frequently depicted androgynously, often with breasts and sporting a beard, and was revered by gender variant people. Greko-Roman trans and third-gender people rallied around Hermaphroditos (offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite, who got melded with the water nymph Salmacus and so has androgynous features), Dionysis (god of the vine and of intersex and third-gender people), and others.

Being trans or gender non-conforming isn’t a mistake. We weren’t “born in the wrong body”. These are narratives scripted by cishet Western men.

But trans is not a mistake. I’m a woman trapped in a woman’s body. My body was only assigned male at birth because general contemporary society lacks the imagination to conceive of women with dicks, men with vulvas, and third-gender and genderless people in whatever meat-suits they happen to occupy. But why not? I’ve read the Bible cover to cover and I don’t seem to remember the verse where genitals equal gender (or sex, for that matter).

If there’s a god, then they’re clearly an artist. Just look at the rest of the world. Why would the goddex of this gorgeous universe make just 2 genders with no exceptions (other than intersex, which by the way exists)?

There aren’t just two hair colors, two eye colors, two skin tones, two heights, or literally any other genetic dualities. So why should we believe that sex is the one phenotype that there are only two options for?

I mean come on! There are flightless birds, and yet one flying mammal? We have sea dwelling mammals, and yet at least one fish (muddskippers) that can walk around on land? What are egg laying mammals doing!? We keep trying to categorize everything but every time we try, we’re reminded of how little we actually know.

Whoever this goddex/godden person is, they’re clearly very creative. And we are all proof of that.

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